How much is car paint?

Answer Car paint rates vary on the purpose and ingredients of the paint. Acrylic enamel car paint averages $50 a can, acrylic lacquer auto paint averages $85 a can and clear coat car paint costs between $... Read More »

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How much paint does it take to paint a full-sized car?

Cars are typically painted in a base coat, clear coat application. The amount of paint needed to paint a car depends on the size of the car and the kind of paint used. For a standard sized car, abo... Read More »

If it took 2/5 gallon of paint to cover 282 sqft of wall in tom's garage, how much more paint will he need?

2/5 gallon of paint = .4 a gallon of paint. 282 sqft divided by .4 = 70.5 x 10 = 705 423sqft / 705 = .6 or 3/5 gallon of paint

How much paint will I need to paint a room?

How much paint you need for a room will depend on the condition of the walls, how many coats you will apply, and the coverage for the type of paint you are using. Most manufacturers claim that you ... Read More »

How much paint is needed to paint a 10x12 room?

One gallon of paint will cover about 350 square feet of wall surface. A 10-by-12 foot room with a wall height of 8 feet will need just less than three gallons of typical paint to cover the entire r... Read More »