How much is car insurance if your sixteen?

Answer That depends on your Age, Vehicle type, Region or zip code, Your driving record and your personal credit rating.

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How can you get your own insurance if you are only sixteen and your parents will not let you on their insurance policy because you have no training?

Answer There are companies who will insure you (high risk) but I suggest that you have a VERY good job to pay the premiums being a young, new, and untrained driver! Get your driver training certif... Read More »

Can you be sixteen and have car insurance under your own name?

Do you need car insurance for a sixteen year old with a permit in the state of Florida?

Answer You do not need additional insurace for a Floridian with just a learner's permit. Of course the minute they get a licence - you will need to inform your insurance company. Your insurance may... Read More »

What is the average price range for car insurance for a sixteen year old boy in Ohio?

== Answer ==Depends on what kind of vehicle and where in Ohio. Insurance companies base it on number of claims paid per zip code and dollar amounts to repair certian vehicles. Insuring a sixteen ... Read More »