How much is artificial insemination?

Answer There are several types of artificial insemination (AI), which requires an experienced professional with the educational background necessary to perform the task. The cost of the procedure depends... Read More »

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How much is artificial insemination in the Philippines?

Artificial insemination, also called intrauterine insemination, is a process by which sperm is placed into a female vagina for the purpose of impregnation. It costs 10 to 15 thousand pesos in the P... Read More »

Why do farmers use artificial insemination?

As Future Farmers of America explains, artificial insemination is a reproductive procedure that involves inserting a semen sample into a female animal's uterus. Most commonly used with cattle, arti... Read More »

What is artificial insemination in animals?

Artificial insemination (AI) in animals is the technique used by veterinarians to impregnate a female animal using the male's sperm. Typically, the male's sperm is collected manually, evaluated to ... Read More »

How is artificial insemination in dogs done?

Artificial insemination in dogs is the technique used by veterinarians to impregnate a female dog (bitch) using the semen from the male (stud). Typically, the stud's semen is collected manually, ev... Read More »