How much is an iphone with new activation?

Answer Crickets service is terribechea=cheapAT&T offers an iphoen for .99 cents and the 4s refurb is $250 (thats the cheapest)I pay $5 a month for unlimited data

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The activation take for iPhone 3G?

The iPhone was one of the first smartphones, pioneering the next generation of these phones. The other phones came after the iPhone's initial appearance. Plus, the iPod made Apple popular and made ... Read More »

How do you shut down voice activation for iPhone 3GS?

I assume that you are asking about ringtones that the person who calls your cell phone hears. These tone are set-up through your cell phone provider and cost about 2-5 dollars per month and there i... Read More »

How do you upgrade your iphone 4 to iOS 5 without SiM card activation?

Whoa, getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we now? Wait till the iPhone 5 comes out before you start wondering if an iPhone 6 will ever even exist (It will, of course. Money, money, money.)

How do you fix waiting for activation facetime on iphone 4?