How much is an ipad 2 16gb?

Answer about $399 in the US, although this model is disappearing now.

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Is a 16gb iPad 2 and a 32gb iPad 2 the same speed?

Yes they are the same speed ,same cruddy camera quality everything is the same except for the price difference of $100 (without tax) and the 16gb difference of memory

16gb enough for ipad 3?

First of all the operating system and files that come with the ipad and are needed to run it take up 2gb. So you will only have 14gb. Which isn't much. Video take a lot so you could use it up fast.... Read More »

How many movies fit on a 16GB iPad?

What does the 3G mean is it included in an iPad 2 16gb?

Mostly the resolution, speed of processor and the weight is what make the difference. It is not enough to need to upgrade, it is simply like comparing a 20" TV to a 23" TV, it is only a very small ... Read More »