How much is an incoming international call to a United States cell phone?

Answer Cell phone providers don't normally charge their customers additional fees to receive incoming international calls. Customers are only charged their regular rates to receive incoming calls. Service... Read More »

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An Incoming Collect Call Was Blocked on My Home Phone: How Do You Unblock It?

Collect calls are used when a caller calls an individual and the individual they are calling is charged for the call. For example, if you are calling from an international location, a phone booth, ... Read More »

How come.....even if the world is on DEFCON 3 woman will still have to answer any incoming phone call?

And here I thought you and my wife hadn't been properly introduced.

My bt phone line works ok when ringing out but will not ring when there a incoming call?

Maybe you have turned the ringer off accidentally

I wanna make a international phone call.?

you can make a international call from your house phone its easy for cost you woul need 2check with your provider,then find out the international code (you can check that in your phonebook or... Read More »