How do you jailbreak an iPod Nano Chromatic?

Answer You dont need to because it does not have an iOS operating system like the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhones

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What color ipod nano chromatic should i get?

If purples your favorite color then choose it. Who cares what everyone else has. Choose a color that reflects your personality. And no matter what color you get they all do the exact same thing

Which color iPod Nano-Chromatic should I get?

I like the red one out of all of those. The blue one is okay too. And if your not that girly and want something a bit plain, you could get the Silver ipod with the black scroll wheel.

Which is better ipod nano chromatic or iPhone 3g?

Which iPod nano chromatic colour should I get?

Personally would choose the orange one, because orange is the color of our source of light, the sun, you said you liked bright colors, i would choose the orange one if i were you, Well anyways its ... Read More »