How much is an eye test?

Answer The average non-discounted rate for an eye test is $110. You will find if you do not have vision coverage on your insurance plan you will pay $80 to $90. Some facilities offer free exams with the p... Read More »

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How much is an AIDS test?

In 2009, an at-home AIDS test cost between $45 and $60, according to Some health centers offer free tests during AIDS Week or other times a year. The tests indicate if a person is H... Read More »

How much is an Amniocentesis test?

over 4000$ total bill, insurance covered 1300$,I have to pay around 2700$, (2010, Mashfield clinic)I didn`t know it`s so expensive for my family,Should I have skip it,...

How much is a paternity test?

The costs of paternity testing greatly varies by facility and location. Testing completed at a qualified establishment will range between $400 and $2,000. These costs also differ due to the type of... Read More »

How much is a forensic dna test?

The cost of forensic DNA testing depends on the company doing the testing and the purpose. For example, DNA Testing Solutions charges $250 for semen and sperm detection, $600 for evidence sampling ... Read More »