How much is an antique sun mirror worth?

Answer Antique sun mirrors can vary in price based on age, craftsmanship and the market in which they are being sold. That being said, you can purchase an antique, hand-carved sun mirror on eBay for aroun... Read More »

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Is Nurre an antique mirror?

Nurre is a glass company established in 2000 in Memphis, Tennessee. They make antique mirrors, as well as frames. A private company, its annual revenue is almost $3 million dollars.References:Manta... Read More »

How to Antique an Acrylic Mirror?

Antiquing an acrylic mirror can be an easy and fun project. In most cases, this will require only a few steps. Depending on the weather conditions, you may be able to finish this project in as li... Read More »

How to Update an Antique Round Mirror?

Updating an old mirror to fit your decorating style is easy. By refurbishing, refinishing or adorning an old mirror, you can create just the right accessory for any room in your home. Dress an old ... Read More »

Antique Mirror Glass Replacement?

If you have an antique mirror with spots or flecks on the reflective portion, you might be tempted to get it resilvered. But a note of caution is needed. One man's blemish is another man's beauty m... Read More »