How much is an antique desk worth?

Answer On One Hand: What Is The History?The history of an antique desk will increase its value immensely. Where it came from, when it was made, who made it and where it has been all are important in estab... Read More »

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How to Tell an Antique Chinese Desk From a Reproduction?

Buyers of antique furniture must be on guard against cleverly disguised reproduction pieces sold at antique prices. This is especially true when shopping for antique furniture purportedly from fore... Read More »

Different Styles of Antique Feet on Desk Legs?

Unlike most modern mass-produced furniture, antique woodwork included carefully shaped and carved details such as claw- or paw-shaped feet on the ends of chairs, tables, stands and desk legs. Learn... Read More »

How much are antique plates worth?

Antique plates made from silver, bronze, glass, pottery and porcelain vary widely in price. Most antique plate collectors collect plates made of pottery and porcelain. The value of these plates var... Read More »

How much is an antique book worth?

On One Hand: Antique CostsThe value of an antique book depends on a number of factors. The age of the book, the particular author, whether or not you are seeking a first edition, as well as other f... Read More »