How much is an antique Vigorelli sewing machine worth?

Answer Antique Vigorelli sewing machines, popular in the early to middle years of the 20th century, can be bought and sold from $50 to upwards of $200, depending on condition. They frequently appear for s... Read More »

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How much is my antique national sewing machine worth?

It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay, of course. It would depend on the condition and whether someone is making a collection, planning to use it, buying it as scrap, etc.

How to use an antique treedle sewing machine?

If it really is a Singer machine (I can't tell, as nee is usually used to indicate maiden name of a married woman), you need to find out the model number:â€... Read More »

Need a wood cabinet for Kenmore sewing machine model 148-280 and how old is this machine and what is it worth?

Used Kenmore sewing cabinets sell for between $10 - 20. I'm unsure of the exact year your machine was manufactured but the resale value of this sewing machine is approximately zero ($0.00). There i... Read More »

How to Convert a Cabinet Sewing Machine to a Portable Sewing Machine?

Some sewing machines are not built to sit directly on a work surface. If you want to remove a sewing machine from your cabinet, the machine must be made portable. This is easy to do by purchasing a... Read More »