How much would (black) ihome speakers sell for at radioshack?


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Who invented the iHome?

SDI Technologies, Inc. not only invented the iHome brand name, but also the iHome brand of products---iPod compatible audio products that include clocks, clock radios, sound systems and speakers.So... Read More »

How to set alarm on iHome?

Here's what you need to use the alarm. An online version of the manual is located in my source section. Setting the Alarms1. Press and hold the Alarm-1 or Alarm-2 Button until the alarm time blink... Read More »

Is my ihome portable?

No, the battery compartment is just for show.OF COURSE it's portable! (shakes head slowly)

How to Set the Clock on the iHome?

In 2005 SDI Technologies launched iHome, which now offers full lines of alarm clocks, clock radios and other products catered to iPod owners. While the iHome is not one individual product, the line... Read More »