How much is a pound worth compared to the dollar?

Answer CNN Money states that as of June 2, 2010, the U.S. dollar is worth 0.6864 British pounds. Compare this to the European euro, which is worth 0.8194, the Japanese yen, which is worth 92.180 and the M... Read More »

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How do I transfer the U.S. dollar to an English pound?

Wells Fargo foreign currency exchange services allows you to convert your American dollars into British pounds in three ways. Visit the bank's website (See Resources) and click on "International Te... Read More »

What is an English pound worth in American dollars?

One English "pound sterling" is, as of January 21, 2011, the equivalent of 1.5997 U.S. dollars. Currency rates -- "the rate at which one currency may be converted into another," as defined by the I... Read More »

How much is an American dollar in Italy?

How much is an American dollar in Canadian currency?

As of June 2010, the American dollar is worth 1.04 Canadian dollars, according to CNN Money. However, this rate fluctuates on a regular basis so you should check the most recent rate online.Source:... Read More »