How much apple seeds are in a apple tree?

Answer It depends on the tree. An older tree can have around 250 apples on it, which would be about 1,250 seeds.

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How much did the apple company pay for the apple iPhone 3gs?

Apple's iPhone 3GS has a BOM (Bill of Material) cost of roughly $179. This does not include money that went towards R&D (Research and Development) of the product.

How much is Apple stock?

To view the current price of Apple stock (ticker symbol AAPL) use the related link below.

How much are the Apple iPhone's in UK?

Apple Online Store:(as of 9-19-09)Original iPhone: Not Sold AnymoreiPhone 3G 8GB : £342.50*iPhone 3GS 16GB: £440.40*iPhone 3GS 32GB: £538.30**with 12 month Pay & Go service from O2

How much sugar is in an apple?

There is 10.39 g of sugar in a raw apple with the skin on it. An apple without the skin has 10.10 g of sugar. Dried fruit significantly increases your sugar intake because the water is removed from... Read More »