How much is an Amniocentesis test?

Answer over 4000$ total bill, insurance covered 1300$,I have to pay around 2700$, (2010, Mashfield clinic)I didn`t know it`s so expensive for my family,Should I have skip it,...

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Why is an amniocentesis test performed?

Generally an amnio is done to determine any chromosomal problems that might be suggestive during pregnancy. In is an invasive procedure so it is only done if necessary or if the mother requests and... Read More »

Does an amniocentesis test detect alcohol consumption?

The amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy is not detected by an amniocentesis. The test searches for chromosomal disorders, like Down Syndrome, and checks for genetic disorders, urine infecti... Read More »

How to Recover from an Amniocentesis?

Amniocentesis is a pregnancy test that screens for genetic abnormalities and provides accurate information about the development of the baby. This test involves the removal of a sample of amniotic ... Read More »

How much does amniocentesis genetic testing cost?

Amniocentesis tests are more common now with more women 35 and older having children. This test can show any abnormalities the fetus may have 15 weeks after conception. The amniocentesis test can r... Read More »