What is the dollar worth in Mexico?

Answer The exchange rate between the Mexican peso and the American dollar is constantly changing but as of May 2010 is approximately 13 pesos for every dollar. However, the exchange rate is probably not a... Read More »

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Is a 1921 american dollar coin worth anything?

On One Hand: It's Worth More than $1Coins almost always increase in value over time. This is true of 1921 American dollar coins, which have a minimum value of around $5 in 2010. There were two type... Read More »

What kind of money does Venezuela have and how much is it worth to the American dollar?

According to The Money Converter, since January 1, 2008, the "bolivar fuerte" (VEF), which means "strong bolivar," is the official currency of Venezuela and replaces the bolivar (VEB). As of June ... Read More »

How are American blacks treated in Mexico- I am a student considering going to Mexico to teach abroad. I am half black and white but can look Cuban Dominican etc. to some. Will I be denied a job?

Black people is much less common in Mexico than in the United States: you can expect more attention as you are of "exotic nature" and most Mexicans are very puzzled when they find out there is an A... Read More »

Where is the dollar worth the most?

In absolute numbers, a U.S. dollar is worth most in Zimbabwe. About U.S. $300 will be worth 100 trillion ZWD (Zimbabwe dollar) in Zimbabwe. Spiraling inflation due to frequent wars the country face... Read More »