How much is an American dollar in Italy?

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What is the dollar worth in Italy?

Italy's unit of money is called the Euro. The euro is used throughout Europe. International exchange rates determine how many euros an American dollar is worth at any given time. As of May 2010, th... Read More »

Which region of Italy is the origin for so much of what we consider simple Italian-American cuisine?

The thick, pasty, red meat sauce you have in mind (and many of the other dishes, like lasagna using ricotta, and meatballs on spaghetti) isn't really like anything that's actually found over here, ... Read More »

How much is an American dollar in Canadian currency?

As of June 2010, the American dollar is worth 1.04 Canadian dollars, according to CNN Money. However, this rate fluctuates on a regular basis so you should check the most recent rate online.Source:... Read More »

Is a 1921 american dollar coin worth anything?

On One Hand: It's Worth More than $1Coins almost always increase in value over time. This is true of 1921 American dollar coins, which have a minimum value of around $5 in 2010. There were two type... Read More »