How much is an AIDS test?

Answer In 2009, an at-home AIDS test cost between $45 and $60, according to Some health centers offer free tests during AIDS Week or other times a year. The tests indicate if a person is H... Read More »

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How long should I wait before getting an AIDS test?

On One Hand: Some Experts Recommend WaitingAccording to the online health website, the average person will not show any signs of having contracted the virus that causes AIDS for about 2... Read More »

I've had unprotected sex with over a hundred hookers . Should I get an aids test?

Sounds like all 100+ women should be tested.

Why don't people come forward readily for HIV/AIDS test even when it's offered for free by the government?

1. Fear is the greatest and most important reason and is of diverse reasons and to make the matters worse is enveloped by the suit of ignorance & lack of knowledge2. Lack of knowledge.3.... Read More »

How much do treatments for HIV and AIDS cost?

As of 2009, 30 medications were available for patients with HIV/AIDS. Each differs in its effectiveness, how it attacks the virus and its side effects. The cost varies depending on the severity of ... Read More »