How much is an 1897 World's Fair silver dollar worth?

Answer There is no evidence that the United States Mint made a special or commemorative silver dollar for the 1897 World's Fair or for any other exposition in that year. Only Morgan silver dollars were mi... Read More »

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What is worth more: 1898 silver dollars or 1897 silver dollars?

This is a brain teaser disguised as a question about numismatics, or the study of coins. The reader may assume that the question refers to two silver dollars--one minted in the year 1897 and the ot... Read More »

How much is a 1885 silver dollar worth?

The value of a 1885 silver dollar depends on its condition and its origin. Dollars were minted in Philadelphia, Carson City, New Orleans and San Francisco. Prices can range from two dollars for a p... Read More »

How much is a silver certificate dollar worth?

Circulated silver certificate dollars are worth little more than face value, but an uncirculated silver certificate may be worth $2 to $4. Some rarer certificates are worth more to collectors, and ... Read More »

Is a 1799 silver dollar worth anything?

The "Draped Bust" design 1799 silver dollar can be quite valuable. Versions with plenty of wear that grade in merely good (G-4) condition can fetch more than $800 as of 2010. Rare uncirculated spec... Read More »