How much debt does America have?

Answer According to the national debt clock at, America has about $13 trillion in debt as of May 2010. This equates to each person in the United States owing about $42,000. The average debt al... Read More »

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How many people are in debt in America?

Overall, Americans' personal debt has risen in the past ten years. Some 43 percent of American families spend more than they earn annually, according to the Federal Reserve, and the average househo... Read More »

How much credit card debt does America have?

The February 2010 Nilson Report estimates Americans owe more than $772.19 billion in credit card debt, which averages out to $15,788 of credit card debt per person. Americans used credit cards for ... Read More »

What is the average credit card debt in America?

The average American with a credit card has an outstanding balance of $15,788 as of May 2010, according to The typical credit card user has 3.5 accounts and an annual percentage ra... Read More »

Does Bank of America participate in debt counseling?

Bank of America does not offer credit counseling services, according to their website. Instead, BOA suggests that people find a legitimate counselor through the National Foundation for Credit Couns... Read More »