How many hours of light should an aquarium have?

Answer Both the plants and fish in a home aquarium need regular light cycles. The number of hours a tank has light available is most important for tanks with live plants. "Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies... Read More »

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How many hours is the drive from Dallas to Galveston?

It takes 4 hours to get to Houston so around 5 hours.

How many hours is a flight to Ireland from Dallas, Texas?

The most direct flights between Dublin, Ireland and Dallas, Texas take approximately 11 hours and 40 minutes. This is flying from Dublin to Chicago and then from Chicago to Dallas.References:Americ... Read More »

How much do you make an hours at Season 52 restaurant in Dallas, TX or other locations?

Servers (waiters/waitresses) make their money in tips, not on hourly wage. Hourly they make like $2 an hour.

How much does a general admission ticket to Disney World cost?

As of June 2010, a one-day adult ticket to Walt Disney World in Florida costs $79. A ticket for children ages three through nine is $68. Children two and younger are admitted for free.References:Wa... Read More »