How much is acupuncture to quit smoking?

Answer Acupuncture helps people quit smoking by addressing their withdrawal symptoms to manage cravings and by aiding the body in detoxification from cigarettes. The typical patient requires 4 to 6 initia... Read More »

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Quit Smoking with laser acupuncture in Littleton or Denver Colorado Stop smoking?

I heard about this from my dentist, Acupuncture and Low Level LaserQuit Smoking Littleton! Acupuncture and Low Level Laser therapy have a very powerful effect on the chemical system of the body. Bo... Read More »

How much lobelia do I take to quit smoking?

On One Hand: Lobelia May Reduce Nicotine EffectsLobelia, also called Indian tobacco, is a herb that has been smoked as a possible remedy for asthma and respiratory problems since the 19th century. ... Read More »

If you quit smoking, how much damage can be repaired?

On One Hand: Effects of Quitting NowTwenty minutes after the last cigarette, blood pressure and pulse rate decrease. Eight hours later the carbon monoxide, which lowers oxygen in the blood, lowers ... Read More »

How much weight will I gain if I quit smoking?

The Mayo Clinic indicates that weight gain usually occurs in the first few months after quitting smoking. On average, a person usually gains about 10 lbs. when he quits smoking, according to the We... Read More »