How much is a wrecked car worth?

Answer The value of a wrecked car depends on its year, make, model and extent of damage. Even a wrecked car that has been repaired is worth significantly less than before the damage.Source:Diminished Valu... Read More »

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How much can I sell my wrecked car for?

On One Hand: Determining ValueA damaged vehicle's value is going to be dependent on age, make and model, mileage and the severity of the damage. An older car or truck with excessive miles would ord... Read More »

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How to Resell a Wrecked Car?

If you recently wrecked your car, sell it to a junkyard or similar outfit. There are markets for used cars that are totaled or wrecked beyond repair. Wrecked cars are used for parts or sold to scra... Read More »

How to Salvage a Wrecked Ship?

If you are shipwrecked and need supplies, a wrecked ship is one of the best things that could be nearby. This shows how to salvages items from it.