How much is a walnut tree worth?

Answer How long is a piece of string.

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How much are black walnut trees worth?

There is no set value for a black walnut tree. The value of one is dependent on three conditions- the diameter of the trunk, the height of the tree, and the number of defects in the trunk. If the b... Read More »

How big does a walnut tree get?

Anywhere from 30ft to 130ft depending on species.

Little Walnut Tree Facts?

Large or "normal"-sized walnut tree varieties are popular, but just as common is the smaller version, simply called the little walnut tree (Juglans microcarpa). The little walnut's nearest relative... Read More »

How big is an English walnut tree?

The English walnut or Juglans regia can reach heights of up to 60 feet, according to Virginia Tech University. The top, or crown, of the tree can reach widths of up to 60 feet as well.References:Vi... Read More »