How much is a used Xbox?

Answer A used original Xbox gaming system can cost up to $50 at large online stores like GameStop. However, one can be purchased for less than $20, often times less than $10, on eBay.Source:GameStop Refur... Read More »

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Can xbox games be used on xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 can play certain original Xbox titles using software emulation. According to Microsoft, you must have an "Xbox 360 hard drive and have installed an update to your Xbox 360 console soft... Read More »

Can xbox controllers be used on xbox 360?

While most game discs for the original Microsoft Xbox can be used on the Xbox 360, the older controllers are not compatible with the newer console. The Xbox 360 uses only wired or wireless Xbox 360... Read More »

Can an xbox drive be used in a pc?

There are no physical differences between an Xbox hard drive and a PC hard drive. They are identical. However, the Xbox hard drive has a process called "hard-drive locking," which prevents it from ... Read More »

Can XBMC be used with an Xbox 360?

According to the official Xbox Media Center website, the Xbox Media Center (XBMC) software is not available for the Xbox 360. Versions are only available for the original Xbox, Windows, Mac OSX and... Read More »