Can you get cash for turning in a used nintendo ds lite at gamestop?

Answer As long as you're over 18 (with valid ID for proof), GameStop will offer cash or store credit toward the trade-in of your used Nintendo DS Lite. How much you get depends on the demand for the devic... Read More »

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How much can you get for an ipod shuffle at gamestop?

Don't get an ipod shuffle at gamestop! They are really cheap now; it would be

How much will GameStop give you for a Nintendo DS?

On One Hand: Model Sets the PriceGameStop is an international retailer selling new and used video games, video game consoles and accessories. As of April 2010, GameStop buys used Nintendo DS XL con... Read More »

How much do the headphones cost for the xbox360 at gamestop?

The cheapest ones are about 60 or 50 dollars it depends on which earphones you want to buy.

How much money can you get for selling an ipod at gamestop?

Depending on what Gen it is,like for a Gen2,you can get 85 dollars,it'sa better deal than sellin it at a pond shop