How much is a used Nintendo Wii?

Answer Prices for a used Nintendo Wii game system range from $120 to $200 depending on the seller or auction website. This price will vary due to scratches, signs of use and possible missing add-ons, in a... Read More »

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Can the old Nintendo DS games be used on the new Nintendo DS Lite systems?

The Nintendo DS Lite, like all versions of the system, can play older Nintendo DS games. It can also play all Game Boy Advance games, although game play is available in single-player mode only.Refe... Read More »

Can Nintendo DS games be used with the Nintendo Wii system?

Nintendo DS games cannot be played on the Nintendo Wii; however, some DS and Wii games are cross-compatible. For example, "Pokemon Battle Revolution" is a Wii game that can connect with the DS game... Read More »

How do I buy used Super Nintendo games?

Go OnlineSearch the Internet for used Super Nintendo games. Check online retailers, such as, and websites that specialize in video game products, such as and ... Read More »

Can a Gamecube controller be used on a Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo GameCube controllers can be used on a Nintendo Wii, but only to play GameCube and Virtual Console games. GameCube controllers can be connected in the port on top of the Wii console.Source:... Read More »