How much is a truck load?

Answer A "truckload" is the amount of cargo or "load" it takes to fill a truck to its rated weight capacity, and varies considerably by vehicle; for example, a "half-ton truck" can legally weigh up to 1,0... Read More »

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How to Buy a Truck Load of Hay?

Whether you need hay as feed for livestock, protective cover for landscaping or in your fall decorations, you will first need to find it. Once found, if all you need is a small amount, a truck will... Read More »

How much is a truck load of dirt?

Dirt is normally sold by the cubic yard, not the truckload. So it will depend on how big the truck is as to what the cost may be. Depending on the grade of soil, the cost runs around $12 to $30 a y... Read More »

How much gravel is in a truck load?

A cubic yard of gravel weighs 2,750 pounds. A full-size pickup truck carries about 2 cubic yards of gravel or 5,500 pounds. A small dump truck carries about 5 cubic yards (13,750 pounds), while a l... Read More »

What is a standard dump truck load?

Because dump trucks vary in size, there is no one "standard" load. Typical dump truck loads are 3 cubic yards, 6 cubic yards or 12 cubic yards. In some instances, a heavy-duty, triple axle truck co... Read More »