How many gigabytes in a terabyte?

Answer Megabytes – Gigabytes – Terabyte – Units of Digital MeasurementWhat is a byte, and what are the other units of measure for digital information?A byte is a unit of measure for digital informat... Read More »

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How many songs can fit on terabyte?

How big is a megabyte A gigabyte A terabyte ?

each one is 1024 times the previousmegabyte = 1024 KBGB = 1024 MBTB = 1024 GBAnd of course, a kilobyte is 1024 bytesand a byte is 8 bitsand a bit is 1 or 0

How to Convert a Terabyte to a Gigabyte?

Both terabyte and gigabyte are measures of storage on a computer disk. Gigabytes and terabytes are connected in the same way as milliliters and liters. One terabyte is the equivalent to 1,024 gigab... Read More »

Whats the size bigger than terabyte (1024GB)?

After terabytes, you get petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes and yottabytes:1 yottabyte= 1024 zettabytes= 1048576 exabytes= 1073741824 petabytes= 1099511627776 terabytes= 1125899906842624 gigabytes= 11... Read More »