How much does a Super Bowl ring cost?

Answer According to the New York Post, the New York Giants' Super Bowl rings from 2008 cost $5,500 each and are valued at $25,000 each. The cost can vary from year to year, but the National Football Leagu... Read More »

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How much are Super Bowl rings worth?

They are among the most coveted pieces of jewelry in the world, but it's not easy to get a Super Bowl ring. Known for their over-the-top diamonds and gold, Super Bowl rings rarely hit the market, s... Read More »

How big is a Super Bowl ring?

A basic Super Bowl rings contains 1.2 carats of diamonds; the average Super Bowl ring size is 13. The biggest Super Bowl ring ever made--for then-rookie William "Refrigerator" Perry in 1986--is a s... Read More »

Who wins a super bowl ring?

The National Football League pays for a maximum of 150 rings for the team that wins the annual Super Bowl game. The NFL sets a $5,000 limit on the rings, but the team can augment that if it wants. ... Read More »

Who is entitled to a Super Bowl ring?

All full-time staff members of a National Football League team are entitled to a Super Bowl ring. This includes players, coaching staff, trainers, executive staff and others. However, rings for low... Read More »