How much is a steakburger from Steak'n Shake?

Answer The exact price for a steakburger from Steak 'n Shake varies depending on where you live. As of 2009, the price for a steakburger at a Kansas City location was between two and three dollars. A sing... Read More »

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Where does the guy on shake it up get his headphones?

Deuce. I don't know it look like its Skull Candy but not sure. In the show, he said he got it from Benny in the episode 'Match It Up'

How do I shake nut trees?

Most Nut TreesGet several blankets, utility tarps or drop clothes and lay them under the tree to catch the falling nuts. Wear protective covering, (a hard hat, eye protection, long-sleeve pants and... Read More »

How to Shake off a Bad Mood?

Feeling a little blue and can't seem to make it go away? Here are some tips to help you shake off a bad mood.

How to Look Like Tinka from Shake It Up?

Do you admire Tinka Hessenheffer (Caroline Sunshine) from Disney Channel's "Shake It Up"? Well, you've come to the right place. Here you will find how to get her glitzy-glam style and her perfectly... Read More »