How much is a silver five-dollar coin?

Answer Canadian maple leaf silver coins have a face value of $5. They are made of one troy ounce of 99.9 percent pure silver. In collectible mint condition, they are worth about $20 apiece.Source:LynnCoin... Read More »

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How much silver is in a 2000 silver dollar coin?

The 2000 $1 coin, known as a silver eagle, contains 99.93 percent silver and .07 percent copper and has a net weight of one pure ounce of silver. Mints in Philadelphia and West Point produced the c... Read More »

How much is a silver coin dollar worth?

A 1928 "Peace" silver dollar, minted in Philadelphia to celebrate the end of World War I, is worth $500. An 1878 "Morgan" silver dollar, minted in Carson City, Nev., is worth $125. A current silver... Read More »

How much is an 1894 Morgan silver dollar coin worth?

The value of an 1894 Morgan silver dollar depends on the condition and mint mark. Most are worth between $75 and $750 with O and S mint marks. Those without a mint mark are very rare and worth betw... Read More »

Is the space shuttle launch of discovery 5 dollar coin silver?