How do I buy stocks in the company to become a share holder?

Answer Open a Demat Account. Buy shares in open market through a broker and transfer the shares through Demat account or apply the shares of companies which are floting their shares in the market (IPO)

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How to Find the Status of Your Corporation to be a C Corp. or an S Corp.?

Corporations must start out as C Corporations. Depending on their corporate structure, they have a chance to elect status as an S Corporation. An S Corporation must follow the taxation rules of Sub... Read More »

What is the difference between a corp-to-corp and W2?

Typically, Recons start recruiting for candidates when recruits are still going through their basic advanced training. A number of candidates may be chosen to take the challenge and testing to see ... Read More »

How much does a US marine corp E3 get paid?

The starting salary for an E-3 would be $1730 a month. It is based on less than 2 years service. The pay goes up based on time in grade and on promotions.

How much does a US marine corp E1 gets paid?

E1 with less than 4 months in pay is $1247 per month before deductions