How much is a seat belt ticket in california?

Answer As of September 2009, California's law enforcement officials can issue a ticket for $132 to an adult not wearing a seat belt. The price can be as much as $435 for a child under 16 who is not restra... Read More »

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Do I (the Driver) get a ticket if my passenger isn't wearing their seat belt in California?

CVC 27315 (d) (1) A person shall not operate a motor vehicle on a highway....The offense is not "not wearing a seat belt" (the passenger's fault.)The offense is operating the vehicle with unrestra... Read More »

How much is a seat belt ticket in Illinois for a child?

Technically the legal age might be 13 but some say that it is 14. But the age does matter but not in all cases. Like one responsibility with the child. Like how they take care of them. And the seco... Read More »

How much does a ticket in California cost for not having a child in a car seat?

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How to give a cop a ticket for no seat belt?

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