How much is a russian demantoid garnet?

Answer The cost of a green, emerald-like Russian demantoid garnet depends on the clarity, quality, size and cut of the gem. Russian demantoid garnets with a highly-desirable "horsetail"--a radiating spira... Read More »

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What is a demantoid garnet horsetail?

The demantoid garnet is a rare green gemstone that is a variety of the mineral andradite. The most desirable demantoid garnets are those with horsetail inclusions, which appear almost exclusively i... Read More »

How much do you feed a russian tortoise?

On One Hand: Grazing PetsOne option for keeping Russian tortoises is to house them in a portable pen outside, and allow them to graze on the grass as they want. They're getting more exercise in a p... Read More »

How much does a Russian tortoise cost?

The price of a Russian tortoise depends on the age and gender of the tortoise. As of 2010, an adult male cost around $100, while a female cost about $150. Baby Russian tortoises generally cost betw... Read More »

Are Russian nationalism and Russian patriotism synonyms or antonyms?

Easy. Patriotism is about a state and its institutions while nationalism makes people the main priority, in our particular case Russian people. For example, the communists are patriotic about the S... Read More »