How much is a rubber ipod touch case?

Answer the price vary depending on the brand, but i have seen cover for like $3-$5 on eBay and have seen brand covers that can cost anything between $17-$75... i have a black Incipio cover that cost me $30

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Should I get a silicone case for my iPod Touch or a hard case?

For protection 100% a hard case, there are also lots more designs and it is easier to pick the one you likeThey also grip to your phone, as i find silcone cases are too easy to take of and dont fee... Read More »

Ipod touch case reccomendations?

How to Choose a Case for an iPod Touch?

An iPod Touch casePurchasing a case for your iPod, iPhone, or iPod Touch is a great investment - it protects the device against accidental damages like scratches and drops, as well as giving it a s... Read More »

Can you use an iPhone case for an iPod Touch?

No, you cannot use an iPhone case for your iPod Touch. The iPhone is slightly larger on all parameters, making for an incorrectly fitting case.