What is the difference between refurbished and non refurbished phones?

Answer refurbished phones are used

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How much is a refurbished iPod Touch?

A refurbished iPod Touch costs $149, $199 or $249 for the 8, 16, and 32 GB models respectively, purchased directly from the Apple Certified Refurbished Store online. Products sold through the websi... Read More »

How much do refurbished computers cost?

Refurbished desktop computers are largely overpriced. A refurbished computer is usually just a little bit older than the newest computers and have been checked over and maybe given a short warranty... Read More »

How much ram can my Macbook Pro have?

They say that officially it supports 8GB ram, however it is said that it supports up to 16GB.

How much would you pay for this macbook pro?

1,500 sounds like a fair-ish price. Personally, I'd like a bit more RAM for the money. Also, most sellers are expecting to be knocked down a little. Maybe offer 1200-1250 and see if you can get it ... Read More »