How much is a prostate exam?

Answer For a man over 40, a prostate exam, or a rectal examination, is part of his comprehensive annual physical. Digital rectal exams are also offered by some physicians. The additional PSA blood test ra... Read More »

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How Often Should a Prostate Exam Be Taken?

When an XP user creates a new file, Windows automatically assigns a program to operate it. Windows XP does this by adding an extra character(s) to the end of the file name, technically known as a f... Read More »

What is prostate exam supposed to feel like?

Sounds like your prostate is high up in your body, or your doctor is short, or both. Try a taller doctor with longer fingers.

Would it be inappropriate to send my physician a card & bouquet of flowers to thank him for my prostate exam?

As I am not male and have never been in on any of my male friends' prostrate exams, I've always wondered something, and for some reason, I feel I can ask you this question. During the exam, which I... Read More »

During my last appointment, my doctor didn't offer to do a prostate exam. Is it normal to feel rejected?

Perhaps he was really getting behind in things