How much is a plane ticket to Kentucky?

Answer The price of an airplane ticket to Kentucky depends on many factors. If you search for tickets weeks in advance, in a low travel season, the ticket should be cheaper. For example, a plane ticket fr... Read More »

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Can a 16-year-old buy a plane ticket?

The rules for unaccompanied minors vary between airlines. Some airlines may require consent from a parent or guardian for travel, but anyone can purchase a plane ticket with cash or debit from a tr... Read More »

Does a toddler need a plane ticket?

Children under the age of 2 years old who you will hold in your lap do not need their own plane tickets for domestic flights in the United States. Each airline has its own policies for discounted t... Read More »

How much is a plane ticket to Tibet?

As with all air travel, it varies depending on where you are flying from and when. According to a May 2010 search on Kayak, a flight from New York City to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, ranges in pri... Read More »

What time is the best to buy a plane ticket?

No best time exists to buy a plane ticket, according to air travel expert Rick Seaney. Several myths abound on the Internet, such as buying your ticket right before takeoff. Instead, you should sta... Read More »