How much is a personal trainer at Planet Fitness?

Answer Planet Fitness locations don't normally keep personal trainers on staff, hence these people will normally be independent operators whose cost will vary. The standard fee for a membership is $10 a m... Read More »

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What is the difference between a personal trainer&a fitness trainer?

A personal trainer and a fitness trainer are one in the same. Both titles may be used in different venues, but they refer to the same type of individual providing the same fitness services.Personal... Read More »

Gifts for a Fitness Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers pride themselves on taking care of their bodies and helping other people stay in shape. Choose a gift that matches the personality and interest of the trainer. For instance, buy h... Read More »

Duties & Responsibilities of Fitness Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainers work in fitness clubs, hospitals, civic and community centers and schools one on one with clients, in small client groups or in larger fitness classes, focusing on muscular streng... Read More »

Online Personal Fitness Trainer Certification?

For people who are passionate about staying fit and active and enthusiastic about helping others to do the same, personal training is an exciting--and potentially lucrative--career. Jobs for fitnes... Read More »