What is a silver penny worth?

Answer The famous silver penny was minted in 1943 and was actually made of steel, not silver. This steel coin was issued during World War II because copper was needed for the war. A steel or silver penny ... Read More »

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What is my 1940 penny worth?

A penny made in 1940, if it is in very fine condition, has a value of roughly 25 cents, as of July 2010. An extremely fine penny from 1940 is worth about 50 cents, as of July 2010. Pennies from 194... Read More »

What is an 1800 Indian penny worth?

There are no Indian head pennies from 1800 since the U.S. Mint did not start making them until 1859. Most Indian head pennies are worth $30 to $50, but uncirculated ones from 1864, 1866, 1873 and 1... Read More »

How much money is a 1934 wheat penny worth?

The wheat penny was made between the years 1909 and 1958. It has a picture of Lincoln on the front and wheat on the back. Depending on the quality, and whether it has a D mint mark, a 1934 wheat pe... Read More »

How much is a 1990 zinc Lincoln penny worth?

In general, a 1990 Lincoln penny is not worth more than its one-cent face value. However, a perfect specimen with no wear and a nice luster can be worth as much as 25 cents as of 2010.Source:"Whitm... Read More »