Is josh peck alive?

Answer no he is very dead and still walking

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How many oysters are in a peck?

There is no definite number of oysters in a peck. A peck is defined as a quarter of a bushel of oysters. A bushel is also rather loosely defined by weight: anywhere from 45 to 60 pounds.Source:The ... Read More »

Why do birds peck at windows?

Birds peck at windows for practical reasons like food, reflections and territory. In some cases, there is no obvious reason for their pecking and they stop it as quickly as they began.Deadly Collis... Read More »

What is josh peck doing now?

he is going to be in a movie called hearts of men

How many tomatoes equal a peck?

Answer A peck is equal to eight quarts or about 53 cubic inches. If your tomatoes are about three cubic inches (about the size of a baseball), there are about 17 tomatoes in a peck. There are a lot... Read More »