Marlboro reds or Skoal Wintergreen?

Answer TRUSTWORTHYall reviewsSkoal Pouches may not prove to be a healthy alternative to long cut chewing tobacco or smoking, but it does not have many of the negatives of both. When using tobacco pouches,... Read More »

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How much do marlboro reds 100s cost in Georgia?

What do you call a pack of 25 cigarettes and is marlboro and marlboro red cigarettes the same thing?

King size is the length. 25 cigarettes is just a promotional bonus pack not a normal one. If someone only says "marlboro" they usually mean the reds, it's generally assumed until recent years whe... Read More »

How much does a pack of Marlboro Red 100's cost in Wisconsin?

Like $7.00:) if your a eligible smoker 21 and over go to and create a account you get discount coupons sent to you and all kinds of free stuff

How much nicotine is in a pack of Marlboro Lights?

According to the Federal Trade Commission acting with the Freedom of Information Act, there is .08mg of nicotine in one Marlboro Light cigarette. Therefore, one pack of Marlboro Lights would contai... Read More »