Why is my nose bleeding so much?

Answer if you have thin tissue you might need to go and get it burned it sounds like a scarey proses but its not this just mean that you have this thin tissie in your noise and it makes your noise bleed a... Read More »

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How much do nose jobs cost?

A nose job, known medically as rhinoplasty, varies in price based on many factors, including your location, your anesthesia choice and complexity of the procedure. Prices can range from as low as $... Read More »

How much would a nose job cost if..?

How much does it cost to get you nose pierced?

Never heard of grasshopper But averagely £5-£10

If i get to much water in my nose when I swim I puke?

Maybe the water travels to your stomach, and it either has chlorine from pool or bacterial water from lake or salt water from ocean do body wants to get rid of it.