How much is a new hot water heater?

Answer New hot water heaters with tanks cost from $500 to $600, with installation, as of 2007. Tankless hot water heaters cost from $800 to $1,150; with installation, that goes up to $1,200, as of 2008.So... Read More »

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Who is resonsible for property damage if water heater pipe bursts in your bedroom closet but the water heater belongs to the apartment complex?

Does a standard water heater or a tankless water heater cost more?

On One Hand: Tankless Heaters Are EfficientManufacturers of tankless water heaters tout the units' on-demand heated water as a source of savings for its owner. Traditional storage water heaters mus... Read More »

How much does a gas water heater cost?

The cost for a gas water heater ranged from $300 to $1200 in 2009. A 30-gallon, traditional gas hot water heater cost around $350. Tanks with larger volumes cost slightly more. At the upper end of ... Read More »

How much LP gas does a water heater consume?

A normal water heater is rated at 40,000 BTU per hour. Since 1 gallon of liquid propane gas contains 91,457 BTUs, a water heater typically burns slightly less than 1/2 gallon of LP gas in one hour... Read More »