Harley dividson vs Metric bikes, which is better i think metric bike are better.?

Answer Despite what many Jap bikers may say, ever since the Evo came out in the mid 80's Harley is just as dependable as any Jap bike. I've been riding for 40 years Honda, Yamaha and a couple Kawasaki's ... Read More »

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Metric Day Ideas?

The metric system is a measurement system based on 10s. Metric Day is celebrated annually on October 10. Although units on the metric system are included in most states' math curriculum standards... Read More »

How to Do Metric Measurements?

The United States does not use the metric system for most measurements. However, there are many parts of the world that use only the metric system. Unlike the American system of measurement, conver... Read More »

Is Hertz metric?

Hertz (Hz) is a unit that represents the frequency of an object, or the number of times that object moves in a given amount of time. Hertz units are not metric measurements, but rather derived from... Read More »

How to Convert Metric to Lb.?

The metric system of weights and measures has spread worldwide since it originated during the French Revolution. Its easy-to-handle decimal basis has long supplanted those awkward 12-inch feet and ... Read More »