How much is a manchester united season ticket?

Answer A 2009/2010 adult season ticket for Manchester United ranges from $854 to $1,550, according to Manchester United Ltd. A senior season ticket will range from $427 to $632 while a junior season tick... Read More »

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Season Train Ticket- Can I use the ticket on the expiry date?

The end date on the ticket is the last date you can use it - you might be allowed to get a train very late on the 4th, and not finish your journey until the early hours of the 5th, and that would s... Read More »

Who received the first traffic ticket in the United States& where?

Harry Myers received the first traffic ticket in 1904. Myers received the ticket for speeding on West Third Street in Dayton, Ohio. He was driving his vehicle at a speed of 12 mph.References:Ohio H... Read More »

Season train ticket question!?

You can use the season ticket at anytime, including weekends, between your two chosen stations (Blackburn - Bolton - Manchester)..You cannot use it to travel Blackburn - Preston - Blackpool..

How much money does the United States spend on the United Nations?

The United States is responsible for 22 percent of the United Nation's regular budget, an amount that in 2009 was $598,292,101, according to a report from the United Nations Secretariat on member s... Read More »