How much ram can my Macbook Pro have?

Answer They say that officially it supports 8GB ram, however it is said that it supports up to 16GB.

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How much would you pay for this macbook?

How much would you pay for this macbook pro?

1,500 sounds like a fair-ish price. Personally, I'd like a bit more RAM for the money. Also, most sellers are expecting to be knocked down a little. Maybe offer 1200-1250 and see if you can get it ... Read More »

Is Apple's macbook air really worth getting Does it trump the $2,499 model macbook pro?

It really depends on your need. The MacBook Air truly is a portable computer that is probably best for someone who wants something portable to travel with or to do light computing tasks. Bear in mi... Read More »

How much, and what is the process in replacing a Macbook hardrive?

That darn clunkers :PI think if it's under warranty it should be free.