How much is a logic board?

Answer The average price for a computer logic board can vary anywhere from $195 (400Mhz speed) to around $350 (1GHz speed). Typically, the faster the logic board speed, the more expensive the product is.S... Read More »

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Can I replace the logic board on my hdd?

You can replace a hard drive logic board. However, you must obtain the replacement board from an identical brand and model hard drive. Swapping the logic board on a dead hard disk is a common data ... Read More »

How to Repair an iPod Video Logic Board?

An Apple device--whether it's a laptop or an MP3 player--comes with a logic board. This is basically a motherboard with a different name, but just as sophisticated. That's why it's important not to... Read More »

Cost for a logic board from apple?

Expect to pay around £250 - £275 for a used replacement A1278 board. It will be at least double that for a new one.…

Can a logic board on a hard drive be repaired?

Logic board is the term used by Apple Computers to describe the part of the computer that is most commonly called the mother board. The logic board cannot be repaired if it breaks, but it can be re... Read More »