How much is a liberty 1942 dime worth?

Answer The majority of the 1942 Liberty dimes, also called the Mercury dimes, are worth $3 to $4. Certain Liberty dimes minted at the Denver and Philadelphia mints have a mistake, an over-date reading 194... Read More »

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How much is a 1942 mercury dime worth?

The value of a circulated 1942 mercury dime is based on the current price of silver. As of December 2009 the market price of silver is just over $18 per ounce, so a silver dime is worth over $1.30.... Read More »

How much silver weight is in a Mercury Liberty dime?

There are .07234 oz. of pure silver in a Mercury Liberty dime. The coins each have a total weight of 2.5 g, or 0.08038 oz. Mercury Liberty dimes are composed of 90 percent silver and 10 percent cop... Read More »

How much is a liberty silver dollar worth?

The worth of a liberty silver dollar depends on its year, condition and mint mark. An average coin may be worth between $10 and $20. A rare coin such as an 1879 silver dollar minted in Carson City ... Read More »

How much is a Statue of Liberty postage stamp worth?

The Lady Liberty postage stamp went on sale on January 8, 2006, for the value of 39 cents. This was a two-cent increase for the former first-class postage rate of 37 cents. The 39 cents postage r... Read More »